Jackson Springs, North Carolina and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Jackson Springs, North Carolina

Sycamore Lodge Resort (Coast to Coast Deluxe) was very nice but a long way from a town of any size. Sand covered the ground and when it rained the granules bounced up and stuck to everything. Tall pine trees created shade but didn’t block the light like other places we’ve been. Instead of having a lot of mowing to do the workers picked up all the pinecones that fell overnight. The pine needles that covered the flower gardens seemed a perfect natural ground cover. Later, while driving behind a truck loaded with what looked like bales of hay, we realized it was bales of pine needles. I enjoy seeing how clever everyone is in using their natural resources.

My walks around the small lake and through any route I could find to catch another pretty scene were picture worthy.




















We found a good church in Southern Pines and took a day trip into Uwharrie National Forest. The visitor center offered a good map of the parks Jeep trails so we headed out to find some bumpy roads. Turning into the first dirt path we found on the map we climbed and wove through the forest. The fun had begun. A little later the terrain headed upward, and the rocks got bigger, until we were facing a wall of boulders. We have climbed such trails before but only at the Jeep Jamborees where we had a spotter helping us know where to put the tires so we didn’t fall into a crevice and never come out. Not really, we would come out. But it might be after being winched or rolled right side up.

We sat staring at the wall. I was probably holding my breath because sometimes Jim has said, “Hang on, we’re going up.” Thankfully he was thinking. We agreed it would not be wise to take our stock Jeep on giant rocks with huge spaces between them since we were alone, with no spotter, or someone to strap us out. We had only seen one truck since we entered the forest so help was very unlikely if we got stuck. Jim backed down the rough mountainside as I rechecked the map to see if there was any information I had missed. The trail we were on was the only one marked “Very Difficult.”

We chose other trails and enjoyed a beautiful day in the woods. Great Job to the two Jeep Clubs in Southern Pines who maintain the trails. They were clean and very well marked. I regret I didn’t take a picture of the challenging wall. (Really, that thought didn’t cross my mind at the moment.)

Tree ripe peaches were in full season. Wow! They were juicy, sweet, and satisfying. The taste I’m always hoping for at the grocery store, but never find.


Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Briarcliffe RV Resort (Coast to Coast Deluxe)


Myrtle Beach is “Everything Touristy.” There are one hundred (literally) golf courses, shows, food, and shopping over the top. However, in my opinion, the beach is the best of their treasures. The miles of beautiful pure sand were free of jellyfish, seaweed, and rocks. Only ocean surf chased up the shore in the bright sunshine. Wish I had taken some sand castle toys.

We especially enjoyed the RV parks huge pool. Very few people used it while we were there so it was ours, and it was so big we swam our laps across the nine-foot deep end. The inner coastal waterway ran along the property so we watched the boats pass from the pool. Again, I didn’t take any pictures. I’ll do better

Several evenings there were firework displays right above us.

I also want to document that we filled the RV with diesel for our best price yet. $2.25 a gallon.

Traveling Blessed USA

3 thoughts on “Jackson Springs, North Carolina and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

  1. What fun you are having!! You are indeed traveling “blessed!” Can’t wait to hear of your next adventures. Mark and I look forward to your posts! (And I filled up my car this week for $1.76/gallon! Yahoo! It helped that I had discount points. 🙂 )

  2. Hi there! I’m in Myrtle Beach right now, loving all of the touristy things! I didn’t know that there were 100 golf courses!!! There’s probably 200 courses if you count all of the putt putt golfing!

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